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Carte allineate:

recensioni e testi

Rivista in rete di scritti sotto le 2.200 parole: recensioni, brevi testi narrativi, poesie, saggi e discussione. Consulta l'indice alfabetico in prima pagina. Invia commenti e contributi a / This on-line journal includes texts below 2,200 words: reviews, short narrative texts, poems and essays, and discussion. Consult the table of contents on the first page. Send comments and contributions to

A cura di / Edited by Roberto Bertoni

Address (place of publication): Italian Dept, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.

ISSN 2009-7123.

Internet address:

Carte allineate is also on Twitter

This you-tube channel includes music and some films.

Internet address:​

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